CyberSecurity is not a destination

It’s a Journey

Traditional network and endpoint defence tools are necessary but no longer sufficient to defeat today’s increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Cybercrime, cyberwar and ‘hacktivism’ are all nefarious digital activities — respectively designed to steal assets, confound an enemy state or make a political point — that form the inevitable ‘dark side’ to the digital life. For our customers to continuously enjoy the benefits of internet connectivity for both business and personal use, we have designed set of solutions that ensure they are ahead in the race against the bad guys.

Our security practice is dedicated to providing you with world class security solutions and advice. This solutions are designed based on our global knowledge and experience of providing security services, governing strategy, design, configuration, and assessment of enterprise security together with identifying/accessing management solutions to our non-audit clients.

Value for Our Clients

We drive value by adopting a strategic approach to security planning and assessment and help design, integrate, and implement technology and security solutions:

  • Assess how security governance and planning are aligned to support business and compliance requirements.
  • Evaluate security prioritisation processes by analysing key program drivers and industry practices.
  • Assess current security strategy and provide actionable recommendations to improve program sustainability.
  • Leverage VSONET’s overall security taxonomy including various capability and process models to evaluate security programs.
  • Provide industry-related security benchmarks and metrics